Surya’s Cursive Handwriting Workbook – 10 Day schedule

Surya’s Cursive Handwriting Workbook offers essential worksheets to start practicing your cursive handwriting. For using our workbook easily, we are giving you a schedule of 10 days, each day containing the exercises as well as page numbers. You can complete this book in 10-days with a regular practice of at least 1 hour.

Step 1: Get the Workbook

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Here is a glimpse of the worksheets available in the workbook.

Step 2: Work on this 10-Day schedule


  • Complete the worksheets on Strokes and Patterns on pages – 4,5,6
  • Start practicing the first set of lowercase letters: c,o,a,d,g,q with the worksheets on pages – 7,8,9
  • Practice connecting these letters with the worksheet on the page – 10
  • Practice the second set of letters: i,u,w,t,r,s,j,p on the pages – 11,12,13,14


  • Understand connecting letters: i,u,w,t,r,s,j,p with the worksheets on the pages – 15,16
  • Start practicing the next set of letters: e,l,b,f,h,k on the pages – 17,18,19
  • Practice connecting the letters e,l,b,f,h,k with the worksheet on page – 20
  • Start learning the next set of letters: n,m,v,y,x,z on pages – 21,22,23


  • Understand the connectivity of letters: n,m,v,y,x,z with the worksheet on page – 24
  • Write all the lowercase letters on the page – 25
  • Write zonal letters with the worksheets on pages – 26,27


  • Practice two letter words on pages – 28,29
  • Practice three-letter words on pages – 30,31,32,33
  • Practice four-letter words on pages – 34,35


  • Practice Capital case letters: C,O,Q,E,L,G,A,M,N on pages – 36,37,38,39,40


  • Practice Capital case letters: S,T,F,I,J,P,B,R,H on pages – 40,41,42,43,44


  • Practice Capital case letters: D,K,U,V,W,X,Y,Z on pages – 45,46,47,48
  • Write all the capital case letters on page – 49


  • Practice words given on pages – 50,51,52,53
  • Write sentences given on pages – 54,55


  • Practice sentences and panagrams given on pages – 56,57,58,59,60


  • Write the paragraphs given on pages – 61,62,63,64

What’s next?

Improve your cursive handwriting with more words, sentences, and paragraphs using our expert-designed practice books.

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