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Surya’s Cursive Writing Book – 6 (Orange Orchard)

Surya’s Cursive Writing Book – 6 (Orange Orchard) is the sixth book of our VIBGYOR Academic Series. This book is specifically designed for students of Class 6 (age group of 11 years to 13 years).

In this book, you will learn – Cursive Letters & Connectivity, Eight-letter & Nine-letter Words, Sentences, Paragraphs, and Writing on Single-line Paper.

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What is inside?

Here is a glimpse of the worksheets available in this book.

Letter Formation & Connectivity Practice

Eight Letter Words

Nine Letter Words


Paragraph on Double Line

Paragraph on Single-Line

How to get this book?

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How can I use this book?

(Note: Instructional video will be put up soon)

List of Worksheets

Cursive Small Letters – (Revision)

Cursive Capital Letters – (Revision)

Four letter words in Cursive

Five Letter Words in Cursive

Six Letter Words in Cursive

Seven Letter Words in Cursive

Eight Letter Words in Cursive

Nine Letter Words in Cursive

Sentences for Class 6


Raja Ravi Varma (2-Line Paper)

Plastic (2-Line Paper)

Rocket (2-Line Paper)

Fortification (1-Line Paper)

Mountain (1-Line Paper)

Globe (1-Line Paper)

Earth (White-paper)

10-Day Schedule

(Note: The schedule will be available soon)

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