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Cursive Sandpaper Letters Printable Template

Children who are learning cursive writing need to understand the shape of letters. To improve their large motor movements, we have prepared a DIY printable template of the cursive alphabet.

About this template

This template has 26 pages with lowercase and capital case cursive letters. Each page has two letters along with guidelines to show the letter formation. The letters are bigger in size so that children can write with their fingers to understand the letter formation.

How to make sandpaper cards?

  1. Click on the PDF link below to download the template
  2. Take two printouts of this template – one on a card paper and another on a normal paper
  3. Cut the letters on the normal paper
  4. Place them on the sandpaper and cut the sandpaper along with the letter edges
  5. Stick the sandpaper letters on the card paper
  6. Cut along the dotted lines to separate the cards and give them to your child

Download template

Click on the PDF link below this image.

Download Cursive Letters Template for Sandpapers [PDF, 26 pages, 3MB]

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