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Printable Slant Guide for Cursive Writing

The angle of cursive writing can have an impact on the legibility and overall appearance of the writing. Words written in Cursive writing are in slanted way. This slantiness is the unique aspect of cursive writing, which makes it beautiful to read and enjoyable to write. Maintaining a consistent angle in which the letters are bent is very essential.

Most people write cursive letters and words between 55 and 65 degrees. Writing in such a specific angle margin requires a lot of practice. For your convenience and ease of practicing slantiness, we have designed slant-guided worksheets with 3 different angles.

Type – 1 : 68 Degrees

This sheet will be your first step if you are not used to writing in a slanted way. This sheet has guides positioned at 68 degrees. Take as many prints of this sheet and write as much as you can.

Click on the link below to download the empty sheet with 68-Degrees slant guides.

Cursive Slant Guide (68-Degrees) [PDF, 1 Page, 1.2MB]

Type – 2 : 60 Degrees

After you have achieved consistent slanted angles of around 68 degrees in your writing using the first sheet, bend it a little more with this 60 degrees slant guide. This angle is best suited for academic, literature, and other writing.

Click on the link below to download the empty sheet with 60-Degrees slant guides.

Cursive Slant Guide (60-Degrees) [PDF, 1 Page, 1.2MB]

Type – 3 : 52 Degrees

This slant guide can be considered to be on an advanced level of slantiness. Much of the classic handwritten literature by great literary dignitaries is around 52 degrees slant angle. Once you have mastered the 60-degrees slantiness in your handwriting, give it a classic look, by practicing on this sheet.

Cursive Slant Guide (52-Degrees) [PDF, 1 Page, 1.2MB]

How to use these slant guides?

Take printouts of the required slant guide and write words, sentences, and paragraphs. Instead of writing individual letters, we recommend you practice writing words on these sheets. You can look at a list of Words in Cursive that we have on our website.

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