Before learning our cursive course, you should have a few things in place.

1. Understanding of English Alphabet

You should have an understanding of English letters in printed format. Look at this Wikipedia article on English Alphabet to understand the alphabet.

2. Printed Cursive Worksheets

Every learning item in our day-wise learning schedule has worksheets that you have to download for your practice. We have also listed out the necessary worksheets so that you can download them all at once. You can also consider buying our books, which has the complete printed material that we will cover in this course.

3. Pencil and an Eraser

You have to use a pencil and eraser while writing cursive. Writing with a pencil is easier because you can erase your mistakes with an eraser

Do not directly use a pen to write cursive for some time. Use a pen when you are sure that you won’t write any mistakes.

4. An hour of dedicated time

You should have dedicated at least 1 hour of time in your day to learn the course and complete the worksheets. Fixing a timeslot, such as 7AM to 8AM or 6PM to 7PM in your day would help you to maintain continuity and consistency in your learning.

Let us start learning cursive.

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