Course Description

In this 15-day cursive writing course, you are going to learn the following concepts.

  • Writing small letters in cursive
  • Writing capital letters in cursive
  • Connecting cursive letters
  • Writing 2-letter, 3-letter, 4-letter, and 5-letter words in cursive
  • Writing simple sentences in cursive
  • Writing paragraphs in cursive

We have organized the content in a day-wise format. Each day you will learn a topic with a video and practice exercises.


You should have the printed worksheets to practice the letters. You can print the lower case letter worksheets from our Printable Worksheets section. You can download them, print them, and keep them handy for this course.

Surya’s Cursive Writing Kit

All the letters in this course are available in our “Surya’s Cursive Writing Kit“. You may want to purchase the kit to keep your learning activity in a nice book. Click on the image below to buy.

Intended Audience

This course is intended for children with at least 5 years of age who can understand the English alphabet in print format. Adults who want to learn cursive and write neatly can also take this course and write neatly.

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